2nd Transnational Project Meeting in Prague

On the 15th and 16th of June 2018 the partners participating in this project met in Prague. We were hosted by Společnost pro podporu lidí s mentálním postižením v České republice (Inclusion Czech Republic).

The meeting was very helpful.

The first important issue was the collection of case studies. The partners agreed on the title as well as the format and established some deadlines regarding translating the information into different languages and other matters.

The partners also discussed changing the form of the navigation buttons, including the button indicating easy-to-read content.

The partners considered the changes proposed previously to the database and developed a list of amendments and new options.

The new and improved version of the database will be online soon.

A very interesting part of the meeting was the discussion and brainstorming regarding the course programmes. The project partners will develop educational materials and provide trainings for people working in adult education and support persons on the one hand, and people with intellectual disabilities, on the other. The courses will take place in Portugal and in Poland and will focus on the main topics of the project, including how to recognize that someone has been a victim of crime on the internet and how to support such a person.

Here you can find some photos of the meeting.