Be.Safe project in Easy to Read Text

This is the Be.Safe project’s portal.

Project is realised by 5 organizations from 5 countries: Belgium, Czech Republic, North Macedonia, Poland and Portugal.

The main aim of the Be.Safe project is to teach teachers and adults with intellectual disability on how to deal with internet crime.

If someone stole Your account of Facebook and publish vulgar posts – this is internet crime.

If someone published Your photos in internet without Your permission – this is internet crime.

If someone was sending You emails demanding money from You – this is internet crime.

Project partners prepared brochure for persons with intellectual disability “How police can help me. Guide for selfadvocats”.

The brochure You can find here.

Frightened DiogoProject partners prepared films for adults with intellectual disability.

Films show how to cope with internet dangers.

Film You can watch on our page with Safety Rules. Click here.

Project partners prepared mobile application.

This is the communicator TIM Be.Safe.

If You have problems with speaking the TIM Be.Safe communicator can help You.

You will choose pictures and communicator will read loudly the sentence You want to say.

You can upload the application from the Google Play shop. Just write there “TIM Be.Safe” and You will find it.

You can also use this link: