TIM Be.Safe Communicator

TIM Be.Safe start screenTIM Be.Safe is an AAC tool in form of mobile application.

Application contains clear and understandable symbol system, which can be processed by a build-in voice synthesizer. Users are capable of adding and categorising their own symbols, pictures and vocabulary for the ongoing conversation. The application can be used when giving a statement to the police by a person with a disability with speaking difficulties. Thanks to this, the police can cooperate with a person with a disability without the presence of third parties whose participation in the meeting may sometimes be undesirable. As well teachers, psychologists, parents can use it to communicate with person with intellectual disability in difficult situation. TIM Be.Safe has a very special folder with pictograms, words and phrases explaining different difficult situation that a person with intellectual disability can experience while using internet.

TIM Be.Safe screen

Link to the installation file of application: http://tim-aac.com/tim_besafe.apk

The application can be find in the Google Play shop: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dkk.tim_besafe&gl=PL

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